Frankfurt, 7 November 2016 – Silverton Asset Solutions GmbH (Silverton AS) is the new name under which the former PEAK Collection GmbH is now trading as part of the Silverton Group (Silverton).

„We decided on the change of name in order to group all our services under a single brand name, making us even more easily recognisable by our clients. The existing range of services and the management of loan and real estate portfolios are unaltered under the name of Silverton AS“ Jascha Hofferbert, managing partner and co-founder of Silverton AS, explains the reasons for the change of name.

The range of services offered by the Silverton Group, to which Silverton Advisory GmbH also belongs, comprises the investment and asset management of commercial property and loans secured on real estate; consultancy on transactions and processing in the areas of special situations, distressed debt and real estate; as well as risk advisory services and banking consultancy.

Silverton AS was one of the first credit servicers in Germany to be granted a licence to provide payment services („Zahlungslizenz“) by BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. This allows its range of services to be expanded into in the field of Primary Servicing, i.e. the administration of loans that are fully performing, and additional areas of activity as a Payment Agent (Zahlungsdienstleister), e.g. for online loan marketplaces („lending platforms“) and syndicated loans, can be developed.

Stefan Dölker, Jascha Hofferbert, Thoran Thegemey and Frank Wiedemann remain as the managing partners of Silverton.